BMW Tyres.

BMW Tyres.

Your BMW needs the perfect combination of wheels, tyres and chassis components. That’s why getting your BMW fitted with wheels that have the BMW star marking is so essential. Although they may look like the tyres you get in independent tyre retailers, they are tested by BMW in collaboration with the leading tyre manufacturers and come with their own features and benefits –so in reality are very different.

When the area of the tyre that connects with the road is no bigger than an open hand, it is key to make sure that as much power, braking force and driving dynamics are reliably transferred to the wheels as possible. They are also precisely matched with specific chassis components and electronic regulation systems. Comfort, safety and dynamic performance are combined in this way to provide you with the ultimate driving experience.

BMW are always on hand to help you with any queries you may have regarding tyres and with a wide range of BMW Approved Tyres in stock, and same day access to more stock, we should always be able to cater for your needs.

Tyre Safety

Checking the tread depth of your tyres is very important. Research indicates the most tyres on the road are either under inflated or below the legal limit of 1.6mm tread depth. It is recommended that you check your tyres every two weeks or before you make any long journeys. BMW are on hand to assist you with a tyre health check should you need us to, and we can advise the correct BMW approved tyre for your car if a replacement is required. We can do this as part of a great value comprehensive replacement package, where we will also see to the environmentally friendly disposal of your old tyre. For further information on your tyres and how to check/change them, please see your vehicle owner’s handbook or speak to our service department.

Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure can have a serious effect on the way your tyres wear and your car handles. Regular checks to help ensure tyre pressure is correct will maintain the life of your tyres for longer. Over inflated tyres can cause heavy wear in the centre of the tyre, whereas under inflated tyres will wear the shoulders more. To prevent this, checking the tyre pressure at least twice a month and before all long journeys is recommended. The correct tyre pressure readings can be found on the information sticker on the driver’s door post with the driver’s door open.

Depending on the age and specification of your vehicle, you may also need to reinitialise your Tyre Pressure Warning system. Please check your owner’s handbook on how to reset this device, or speak to the BMW service department.

Tyre Pressure settings for heavy loads and towing

You will need to increase your tyre pressure when carrying heavy loads on a long journey, or towing a caravan or trailer. You can find the settings for these on the information sticker on the driver’s doorpost. Remember to deflate your tyres back to the normal pressure once you have finished your journey to avoid any unnecessary wear.

Tyre Damage

Most importantly, checking for damage will ensure that your vehicle is safe for the road and will give you the best ride quality. Checking regularly for damage, foreign bodies, any unusual tyre wear and checking the tread depth. Take extra care to check the sidewalls of you tyres and ensure there are not cuts and bulges that could have been a result of pothole of kerb damage. Also keep an eye out for cracks as this is a sign that your tyres are ageing.

Tread Depth

The minimum legal tread depth limit is 1.6mm across the middle 75% of the tyre at any point. Should your tyres wear down to below the 1.6mm mark, indicated in the base of the tyre tread groove, your tyres are illegal.

BMW recommends that you change your tyres when they reach 78% worn (3mm). Anything below this and the braking and cornering of your vehicle will be affected. The risk of Aquaplaning is also increased when driving on wet roads.

Run-flat Tyres

Run-flat Tyres are tyres that are designed to allow you to continue driving at a reduced speed even when you have a flat tyre. A system called the ‘Tyre Pressure Monitor’ is installed in the vehicle which will then notify you when you have a puncture. You do not need to stop driving straight away and replace the tyre, you can continue on at a reduced speed until you are in a more appropriate place to stop. Once you have found somewhere to leave your vehicle, contact BMW and we will arrange for your tyre to be replaced. Should your tyre become deflated, you are safe to travel up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

You can identify if your car has Run-flat Tyres by checking the side walls of your tyres. If they are Run-flat tyres they will have a circle with RSC inside. This stands for ‘Run System Component’ and indicates your car has Run-flat Tyres.

Other advantages of Run-flat Tyres:

- No sudden loss of tyre pressure means a reduced risk of accidents

- Allowing you to continue driving means there is less risk of having to stop on a motorway, on a bend, or on in unpleasant surroundings.

- No spare wheel or vehicle jack is needed, therefore the vehicle is lighter.

- There should be a minimal impact on your schedule, as there is no need to instantly repair.

Repairing Run-flat Tyres

BMW recommends that Run-flat tyres are not repaired and will only replace them in the BMW Centre. Additional forces and wear will have been incurred within the tyre when it was driven on whilst deflated and therefore the best option is to replace the tyre completely. This recommendation also stands for non Run-flat tyres, as it is difficult to know exactly when or how the damage was caused to the tyre.

Winter Tyres

As the temperature dips to 7°C and below, standard tyres harden and no longer provide optimum adhesion, compromising performance when accelerating, braking and cornering.

Switching to BMW Winter Tyres for the colder months not only increases safety but, since they wear more slowly than standard tyres in low temperatures, they last longer, provide cost-effective winter motoring, as well as year-round driving pleasure. And what's more, Winter Wheels and Tyres start at extremely competitive prices.